About Us

"Gyan" a Hindi language word which means knowledge.

Gyanva is the most trusted knowledge source on the internet for anyone who has a question in his/her mind loves to find out the answers here on Gyanva. We are the people who believe in policy “We grow, You grow”, so we designed a system which will appreciate your efforts of contributing to Gyanva by paying you the bonus for your each post. 

Let’s create a source of knowledge on which this world can rely. Your knowledge and experiences are priceless share it with the world through us.

Gyanva is an incentive based knowledge sharing website. We aim to provide high quality articles access to everyone with an internet connection. We believe that the best thing one can share with others is “knowledge” and the one sharing his knowledge should be incentivised. We aim to make Gyanva the biggest source of knowledge on web.